Solar Seal is a custom fabricator of architectural glass products. We can cut, edge, drill, fabricate (add notches, cutouts etc.), sandblast, temper, add spandrel to, and insulate glass products.

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A perimeter clearance of 1/8″ minimum for units up to 12 square feet in area and 1/4″ minimum for larger units must be maintained. Glass must be installed in a manner that it is non load bearing or “free floating” in the glazing cushion.

Insulated units should be set on two 80 to 90 Shore A durometer neoprene setting blocks. The blocks should be located at the quarter points of the base edge of the lites. When the conditions are acceptable, the setting blocks may be installed within six inches of the vertical edge of the lite or unit. The length of each setting block should be 0.1″ in length for every square foot of the glass area, but not less than four inches in length. Setting blocks should be 1/16″ less in width than the channel and sufficient in height to provide nominal recommended bite and minimum glass edge clearance.

Units should be blocked in place with soft rubber shims at the sides to prevent movement. Use lateral centering shims on 12″ to 18″ centers when applicable. Continuous shims are recommended in high wind loading applications. Glazing channels of adequate size must be provided for to allow sufficient clearance for bowed or warped glass as per ASTM C 1048 97 B.

When applying tapes, beads and sealants do not fill clearance spaces or weep holes.

Cap bead over all tapes, rubber or plastic inserts against the glass on interior and exterior surfaces.

Do not use oil based glazing compounds or putties. Use only resilient, non-hardening materials which are compatible with the sealants used by Solar Seal in the manufacture of the units.